Wednesday, 16 March 2011

wednesday international affair

I haven't done a Wednesday Wedding for a few weeks now. 

Nothing has caught my eye and made me think that I wanted to
share it - there are lots of lovely things out there for sure,
but I'm feeling a bit weddinged out, and couldn't muster up the energy to find anything original to add to all the wedding fog out there.

But then today I was scrolling quickly through an American site, and this wedding made me stop.

Any displaced person recognises the fauna and flora of her homeland, and these were proteas. And flame lilies. 

 It turns out Bo, the bride, is a Californian girl who fell in love with a South African.

They were married on the Natal South Coast, where she chose to represent South Africa in the flowers, as well as in some of the other decor choices, such as local beadwork in the bridesmaid's rings.

With a very unusual red and purple theme,
(one that would never cross my mind in a million years!)
there are so many quirky elements to what looks like a fun and happy wedding.

You can read how Bo put it all together, including some huge leaps of faith and late night sewing, and check out the full gallery here.

Yay for international love affairs.

It's hard enough to make a relationship last
when you share a history and culture, 
and it is a big thing to sign up for a foreigner,
but that's the awesomeness of falling in love, I guess.

And it's wonderful when friends of couples get to go to countries that they probably would never have even thought of,
if it weren't for weddings.

Now, does anybody know any Turks and Belizean's about to marry?

Istanbul and Ambergris Caye are on my wishlist for holidays this year.



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