Monday, 7 March 2011

the sun shines brighter in Oxford.

It felt like spring had finally sprung in one of England's most beautiful cities this weekend
and that changes everything about living here.

The sky was crazy blue.
The yellow stone popped against it.
The architecture is enough so that if there were life on other planets, they'd likely be jealous of us:

This is all about England at it's best. 
Sunshine. Architecture. History. Free Museums.

Yup, free.

Founded in 1683, the Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archeology in Oxford is Britain’s first public museum and home to the University of Oxford’s world-class collections of art and archaeology.

I have much to be grateful to England for,
but access, free access, 
to world class treasures is right up there.

Although on a day like Friday,
it was all we could do to pause briefly at the odd artifact
before racing to the top floor restaurant

to get a little closer to the sunshine
and celebrate with  coffee and cake.

hope your weekend was fab.


images: me.


Patsy said...

The Ashmolean is amazing - apart from free entry, there are also free tours, lectures and art classes which basically all adds up to free therapy!

stephanie said...

... and I like the flowers in the restaurant... in fact, they are among my favourites of the spring bulbs... called ranunculus... pronounced: ray-nunc-kewleys xx

Carly said...

Free therapy is totally true! Petersham nursery is up free therapy and flowers all in one!

My gran used to grow ranunculus - agree they are just so very pretty.


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