Thursday, 10 March 2011

stumbling upon happiness

If you ever find me left alone in your living room, you should check up on your bookshelves later.

ugh - tulip chair and untidy books.
I am obsessed with colour-coding them...

ah - peace
(If this worries you,
you should never visit Ikea with me.
I tidy the cushions in the roomsets too...)

I love colour-coded books so much that I'm still in awe of
Anouk Kruithof's installations:

'4000 books' installation
so imagine how excited I was about this:

I am particularly amused that the 'authors' of this piece included listing the list of books used - 
no surprise to see Calvin and Hobbes in there,
as that kind of sums up the video, doesn't it?

Too much time on their hands?

Maybe, but I'm grateful.

This is what the internet was made for.


video: Crazydadman


Ash said...

This is exactly what you were trying to do to my bookshelf!!!

I'm less protective over it now, so perhaps you can do it next time you stay.


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