Monday, 28 March 2011

Plantscription vs. Prescription: turning back time part II

I'm 23 days into my one-woman

If you didn't read the original post all you need to know can be summarized like this:

1. I could spot my glabellar lines when walking at speed and looking in a shop window.
2. Saying 'glabellar lines' is supposed to make me feel better about what I thought were frown lines. It doesn't.
3. You may or may not lose your lunch when you see the before pictures.
4. These lines are affecting my ability to lie about my age. 
5. I love Red Magazine and it said Origins Plantscription Serum would change my life.
(As an aside, I used to work in magazines. I know you could trust them about as much as you could the love child of Charlie Sheen and Colonel Gadaffi ) 
6. Plantscription is said to stimulate the production of youth-boosting fibrillin, much like tretinoin' which is the stuff you have to pay a doctor a lot of money for, and which comes with side effects.
7. I've used it twice a day, one pump per use, and am recording the results on my blackberry (which makes me squint a bit). 

Here's where we are to date: 

Day One - March 5th:
- two shots, slightly different focus:

same scary Snow White Stepmother effect:

Deffo's an improvement by March 12, published March 15:
although I had ruined that by some over zealous face attacking of my own, and no mascara.

In Sunny Spain, there was no pretending this wasn't anything short of miraculous,
picture taken Sunday March 20:

This has very little to do with anything other than showing off that I had escaped England for sunshine and the beach in Spain,
although it does highlight how now I have to squint in the sunshine to get the lined effect I used to have every single day in England.

Which brings us to today's picture, no mascara again:

had to cut the smirk off my face. 

closer up:

23 days in. 
That's three weeks, two days.
The original article says I could expect to see 
'88% of the skin-smoothing, lifting and wrinkle-reduction effects of retinoic acid' in six weeks.


My skin going to look like this!



Gillian said...

A-MAZING!! Got to get me some of that!

Renee said...

Fab. Have you tried any of their other products? I'm looking for a complete new skin care regime.

Carly said...

I swear by them - accidentally came across Origins as I was given a gift box about 4 years ago, and haven't really strayed since - apart from having to save money occasionally with the odd product from Boots, or if i'm given's expensive but does last. My regime is now set as one of two cleansers (I like to swap it out!), toner from Boots, and the serum. Eye cream, and SPF moisturizer in the morning. I don't use a night cream over the serum unless I need to. I sound like a saleswoman, but it is the only expensive thing in my life that I'm happy to spend the cash on!

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