Thursday, 10 March 2011

painted ladies...portraits by Gridnev and Gridneva

Sleeping Model - Katya Gridneva

A few weeks ago,
one of the Berries and I stopped into 
Iona House Gallery in Oxford,
where an exhibition by Russian husband and wife team 
Valeriy Gridnev and Katya Gridneva was showing.

I don't know a lot about art, to be sure,
other than knowing innately what interests me, 
and Russian artist portraits are my favourite - 
each is so interesting.

Who are these women?

Kimonos - Valeriy Gridnev
Blondes in Kimonos?

Black Sweater - Valeriy Gridnev
Is she happy, sad, restless, calm?
Is she looking forward, or remembering the past?

Final Preparations - Valeriy Gridnev
What are they talking about?

Each time I look at these paintings I feel a different emotion coming from them - just as complicated as women really are!

We wandered around for ages - 
each trying to pick our favourites,
and making up stories to go with the paintings.

Katya Gridneva
Girl in a Hat - Valeriy Gridnev
They are the inspiration behind the new 'Painted Ladies' collection on the blog.

Let me know if you like them.
Which ones?
I would *love* the first, fourth, five and sixth ones.
Not greedy then!



SciReg said...

oh it is a great post! I really like it! ^_^

Carly said...

Hi SciReg - so glad you liked them! I keep changing my mind about my favourites!

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