Tuesday, 15 March 2011

painted ladies....fashion frocks

These are sketches from famous 70's designer Halston:

I think they're beautiful sketches,
and the fashion doesn't seem that dated.

Makes me think that it's the fabric that so often dates clothes.

My mom has such treasures from a million years ago,
but most feel flammable,
or so heavy that I can never get my head around how she wore them in the African heat.

His designs were a favorite in disco's in the 70's.

Can you just imagine rocking this with a martini
in Studio 54, hanging with Bianca Jagger?

(If you think the name's familiar,
it's because Carrie wore loads of vintage Halston in SATC2:)

I prefer the drawings -
I'd have one and three on my wall.




Gillian said...

I *love* four - purely for fantasy element of such a long-legged, skinny waisted femme fatal!

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