Monday, 14 March 2011

meat-free monday: spring has sprung!

I spent the weekend in Hethe, Oxfordshire.

Although Sunday was a write-off due to too long between visits
and too much champers because of it,

I felt quite good on the drive home...

Hethe church, Oxfordshire
This is real England.

The good England.

Spring is here.

Blue skies.
Lambs in the fields.
Daffodils, crocus and snowdrops abounding.

It's lucky for those little lambs that this series
is called 'Meat-free Mondays' otherwise it might have been a
minty ending for them.

And maybe it was because of the ultra lemony Roast Chicken
that we had on Saturday night,
(my friend Kirst makes the best lemony Roast Chicken and gravy *on the planet*, no lies),
but I have had lemon and basil pasta on the brain
as a perfect spring meat-free meal.

Must be the matching colours!

Now, you can be a goody or a baddy about it.

Goody's cook some spaghetti, add a tin of drained canneloni beans for the last couple minutes, and serve with lemon and olive oil - like Patti's recipe here.

Baddy's - 
well, they follow Aussie Rules here.
In a nutshell, while the spaghetti's cooking,
make a sauce by melting 50g unsalted butter,
300ml of thick cream and 60ml of lemon juice.
Use left over cooking water from the spaghetti to thin it enough to coat the spaghetti,
and serve with parmesan and torn basil leaves:

You can imagine from my hedonistic champagne lifestyle
and dark thoughts about those baby lambs
served up on my plate for the rest of the week
that I am a baddy. 


food images: John Paul Urizar; casacapilli
others: google


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