Monday, 28 March 2011

meat-free monday: a serving of optimism

The clocks went forward this weekend.
I spied a handful of teeny tiny baby bunnies nibbling the grass on the lawn at our house for the weekend.

We saw a cow calving in a field on our walk on Saturday. 

I'm declaring spring sprung!

That makes it a little early for the Early Summer Vegetable Wok that we're serving up today, so we'll just call it a serving of Optimism, won't we? 

Not to mention that after two weekends involving a lot of meat (Spain - home of jamon) and a weekend away (a cook-out involving kudu, springbok and ostrich amongst good old rump and local butcher sausages) I need  a plate full of green. 

This recipe is from what is seriously the most beautiful food blog in the whole of the interwebs.

I haven't seen them all, but am going to declare it so since none has even come slightly close.

David, Luise and Elsa live in Sweden and if ever you need even an ounce of vege inspiration, Green Kitchen Stories is where to g0. Luise is the cook and mom to little Elsa, while David is an art director by day, (handy for the blog styling and photography, no?) and updates their blog.

Recipes are easy, great tasting and *beautiful*.

Right now the scales, my skinny jeans and I wish they would adopt me.

images: Green Kitchen Stories/ flikr


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