Wednesday, 9 March 2011

introducing...painted ladies.

Years ago, I saw this photo on Apartment Therapy.
It detailed a house where an aunt would give her special nieces $5 or so every time they visited car boot sales, local fairs or garage sales.
The little girls curated their own Wall of Women.

The comments section went off pop with dozen of comments about one of those Indian deities being, in fact, male;
but I don't think that matters - 
those little girls were building an amazing relationship with their aunt, and with art.

How special.

I was devastated to lose that image to show my sister,
because I want to do the same with my nieces,
but luckily found it again via Living Etc.

In the meantime, I've realised that this is about me too - 
I love portraits and pictures of women,
probably since growing up with the daughter of Alta Edwards,
a South African artist and art consultant.
Never mind Tugi, I am going to invest in some for me.

How interesting we are, in all our shapes and forms.

How it doesn't matter if we're round and rubenesque,
or tall and statuesque,
naked or fully clothed,
in a formal oil portrait for above the mantel,
or a quick fashion sketch of the movement of a designer frock,
it's all beautiful.

Starting tomorrow, expect to see,
and celebrate,
a collection of 'painted ladies' on the blog.


 images: LivingEtc. Swarm.


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