Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Gray to Gay via £10 at Oliver Bonas

This was on sale at Oliver Bonas in London:

 Cute hey?

Let me just show you a bit closer in case you didn't think it cute enough:

Yup, Jonathan Livingston Seagull wishes he'd got a gig on this frock!

And since it looked like this in London:

I did the only obvious thing.

I bought it.

I went home.

I closed the curtains.

I turned the heating up.

I put some tunes on.

I frocked up.

And in my head, this is how I rolled:

have a great day

summer images: Witterings; amy neusinger;basket;martha


Ash said...

Even before I read what you had written, I knew that was a JLS dress...

ASh x

Carly said...

I thought you would approve! Admittedly, now I may have pneumonia, but it was worth it.

All that is left to do is find a dream cottage-by-the-sea!

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