Friday, 25 March 2011

friday flowers

It's been the most manic week.

I don't have emails on my blackberry anymore
(woe is me having to be my own IT manager - the only downside to freelancing -
I just haven't sorted it yet.)

It means that I'm way behind on everything else too -
I realise how often I drafted mails while waiting in queues, or on buses.
I have emails to write, work to do, a full time job to find,
a trip to organise, a conference to create,
and a home to find.

The good news is that I've been living a wonderful life -
I've woken up in Yorkshire, Valencia, London, the most beautiful Buckinghamshire countryside and today
am off to my most favorite place in England - West Wittering,
via a car auction (dull).

The bad news is that I've been slack on here,
which I hate,
because this is one of my most favorite things to do,
and I *love* your feedback, which is always so kind.
(Although I'm not sure why y'all prefer email to comments?)

And I hadn't even planned my Friday Flowers,
when Kirst sent these - the tulips in her office.
She's probably my hardest working friend,
and has figured it out to find time to have flowers on her desk weekly,
and time to think of me when she looks at them,
and then follow through with getting in touch....

Thanks Kirst for Friday Flowers,
and for the big old reminder to stop, slow down, and connect.



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