Friday, 11 March 2011

dolling it up with doilies

I am *so* making this when I get back to SA in April.

Full instructions look easy, and are over here.

My mom is going to be over the moon that I want some of her doilies...

I can hear it already:

'I told you I should keep these. 
There would be more if you hadn't thrown all the others away.
Do you want me to teach you how to crochet?'

um. no.

But I think this is cute, and using vintage doilies is cool.

Melissa Leo could use her Oscar frock too:



stephanie said...

Too funny. i bought 15 antique crocheted doilies at a fair at Vrede en Lust in Somerset West a month ago ... wasnt sure what to do with them, but had to have them. Now I know. And with my scented home-grown roses (which are already blooming;-) I'm all sorted!!

Carly said...

Great minds, my friend, great minds!

Am so looking forward to coming to play in April - we will have a doily and rose tea-party!


Gillian said...

I hate to admit that I absolutely love the doilies' runner, despite my rantings about them growing up!

Carly said...

Am sure I could find you some!

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