Thursday, 3 March 2011

cabin fever...

Imagine you win the lottery - 
not a massive roll-over, 'buy-an-island, declare-yourself-emperor' amount, 
so much as finally, finally, you get to have a little weekend-away spot to bolt to. 

What do you pick for your weekends away? 

a) An English houseboat? 

(lucky Josie Curran gets to live here *everyday* - would you believe its half an hour from London?)

(ps. googled the supercute boat print and found it has South African connections  - yay, we like that! - its from Mengsel)

B) A magical fairytale cottage in the Catskills.

If you haven't read about Sandra Foster's fairytale cottage before, the original NY Times story is here.

Best thing about it...
it's only accessible by crossing a stream...
that's a proper get-away-from-it-all house!


C. Wide open space down under?

and check it out:
*Outside Tub*

whoop whoop, I am ALL over that like a bad rash.

This is the type of game that makes me realise how lucky I was growing up in South Africa when we did - everyone's parents, aunts, or best friend's parents had a second home somewhere - I could spend hours making imaginary choices between berg cottage, beach cottage or bush cottage.

I think today, I'd pick 3.

Weird, when I started this, I thought it would be 1.

No 3, the miner's cabin in Mollonghip (cool name) is on sale for AUS$240k - I have no idea how much that is.

There's only one thing for it...

I need six lucky numbers come Friday!

Wish me luck



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