Friday, 25 February 2011

the will to live...

I know I tried to warn you that I might not make it,
what with my near-death flu experience...
but given that I've only lost 1.5kg this week,
it would appear that I might actually have had some kind of severe cold and/or viral infection. 

Everyone knows the flu is good for at least 4kg;
and given that my doctor is only six years old,
she wasn't very sure. 
She did prescribe a lot of vitamins in the hope of making me 'less boring.'

She's been asleep for a couple hours now,
and her mom won't let me wake her up to advise that I've rediscovered my joie de vivre.

That is both because she doesn't understand French,
and because she'll think I'm nuts when I explain, 
but this week its the Design Indaba in Cape Town,
and I've been trawling their site. 

Now, for those readers from Norway, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan,(welcome! And who ARE you?)
as well as the United States,
an 'indaba' is technically an
'important conference held by the izinDuna (principal men) of the Zulu and Xhosa peoples of South Africa.' 
So says Wikipedia.
Growing up, it's what South African kids know is going to happen when dad gets home and mom tells on you - you know, that discussion that happens while you wait in your room...

The annual Design Indaba then, is an expo of '100% local-is-lekker celebration of South Africa's ingrained creativity.'

The ones you'd expect from South Africa are there:

Carrol Boyes functional art
(still the no.1 safe bet for wedding presents in SA)

 African Gameskins handbags,
as seen in all South African airports, and nowhere else,

Wonki Ware ceramics

beadware (of animals - yawn)
but fortunately, no wooden giraffes
(as seen on all flights, in hand luggage, generally in economy)

However there is so much more...

I'm trawling the 260 exhibitors for you and will have the lowdown here over the next couple days...

I've poured a glass of wine, cut some cheese,
and am adding it to the cocktail of cold and flu medicine
I'm smashing.
(yes, I know it's Friday night. What else do you want me to do given that I've been hanging out on my deathbed all week?)

I'll leave you with this, our first exhibitor:
'Cape Town:On Top of the World' describes themselves as
'a concept, a vision,

a result of looking at things differently,
an alternate way of relating to the rest of the world.'

After only getting to the 'D's in the list of exhibitors, I'd say that they have it just right!

see you later,


images: designindaba, and shops as discussed.


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