Wednesday, 9 February 2011

wednesday weddings...a formal love story in black, white and green

Here we are then!
Our first Wednesday wedding,and one I'm super proud of. 

Not only because two very special friends finally tied the knot after what feels like a lifetime together anyway,
thereby providing all of us with a fabulous 'opskop'
as we say in Sunny South Africa,
but as MC and brideslave I got to be part of all the
planning and inspiration behind the scenes,
so I get to share this with you.

The bride and I met as challengers in a spelling bee competition more than half a lifetime ago, 
& a year later found ourselves in the same class at high school, where we bonded happily over grammar and bunking Admaths.

In fact, all Kirsty's brideslaves were high school friends - a testament to long and loyal friendships,
a love of early 90's Rock, white wine and misadventures...

Eighteen months before the wedding,
and the the venue was set as Tala Game Reserve,
in the midst of the rolling hills of KwaZulu Natal.
Kirst knew she wanted green, black and white,
and a formal wedding in a game reserve...

Key was dress shopping -
and an outing with two slaves nearly landed up with no dress,
and an apology that neither of us was the teary sort of 
'oh my God, that is so perfect, it's THE dress'
sycophantic brideslave,
unlike the others that were weeping at every meringue-inspired frock another bride in the same shop was trying on.
I wish I could have seen how that wedding played out.

So here's our first Wednesday Wedding Rule
for all brides to be out there:
just try on everything. 
And pick your slaves carefully.
If you go for truth over tears, you might be in the shop for a very long time.

The very last frock was it.

In fact, we nearly did cry.

Better slaves probably would have.

Instead, we stomped our feet and demanded Kirst had to have that particular frock or we weren't coming.
Half a lifetime of friendship means 
there was no beating about the bush.

And was it fate that it was called Dakota,
given that Kirsty's handsome groom is a pilot?

As well as being spelling bee extraordinaire,
Kirst is super organised, and with the dress secured,
she created some mood boards with all her inspiration pics torn from various magazines and other sources:

well, she did have 18 months!

All we had to do then, was make it true.

Enter Dianne Priem, wedding planner and fairy godmother,
and Gavin Naude, general manager and maker-of-magic at Tala...

The result, as captured by Brett Florens,
KwaZulu Natal's undisputed photographic Genius.
Capital G.

Dan scrubbed up nicely in his suit...

but we all know it's really about the dress...

although really, this isn't a story about a dress,
but a big, long, love affair:


all images, except meringue and inspiration boards, Brett Florens.


Kirsty said...

Carly-J - you are amazing!!! Thank you so much for capturing this so perfectly. You win the award for best brideslave for sure! Sorry to the 3 runners up - very close tied second to all of you. You know what you need to do to get to number 1 :)

And YIPPEE for being first. Can I get married again so I feature again? And we get to have another party?

Only teeny negative comment I have - I think the one of all of us girls laughing in the grass is a better pic. But that is just me. No beating around the bush and all that.

Love you my friend - keep up the good work at being my best blogger in the whole wide world.

K xxx

Carly said...

actually kirst, I chose the pic of us where I looked the best :) Lucky for you there's an edit button and I'll change it for

shirley said...
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Anonymous said...

This is amazing! A touching reminder of the best wedding I have ever been to. Truly a perfect day for a perfect couple. Hanso. X

Carly said...

hi Hanso, welcome to the blog, Kirst has requested more updates. Tell them to do it again if that's what she wants!

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