Tuesday, 15 February 2011

today's project: my life laundry list

My to-do list, just for today, includes:

1. write my CV and look for full-time employment
(something about champagne taste and beer budget, refer to further points)

2.find a car
(you met her yesterday, she's the dream buy, probably I will land up with one slightly grubbier, 
and cheaper)

3.find a house, by the sea.

4. finish two websites I'm working on
(this is more about client facetime though - 
any delay is not due to me!)

5.Finally put labels and categories on this blog.

I could bore you with points 6-28, but those are even more dull.

Anyway, they seem to be equally hard, all those things.

And although you'd think I could do them all in my pyjamas,
I can't get motivated for any of them.

Instead, I might put my project management design skills to good use.

My sister's laundry looks like this:

(Imagine her delight when she finds these pictures on the interwebs!)

Apparently she would rather it look like any one of these:

Having seen how much laundry a six year old and an 18 month old generate, she probably needs this:

although not sure how that would look full of Disney pj's 
and striped stockings.

Left to my own devices, I'd follow Dagny's example.

She took this: 

and made it look like this:

(full story here)

I know!

If I had a laundry room that looked like that,
I'd get out of my pj's to visit it.



Gillian said...
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Gillian said...

Well, my *delight* at finding my laundry room in all it's mess on the internet is somewhat dimmed by the fact that you neglected to mention that not all those boxes are mine ... some I seemed to inherit from my intrepid blogger/world-traveller of a sister!

If you could magic your wand and make my laundry room look like *any* of those pictures I would be beyond delighted ... and just think, you could do a wonderful "before and after" piece!

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