Wednesday, 23 February 2011

struggling over hump day

I have flu...

NOT a cold.

That is for weaklings and for chucking a sicky.

Flu is for losing weight
and making you think about getting your affairs in order.

Fortunately most of my affairs remain packed away
in my sister's closet so technically they are in order.

My six year old niece, Tugi, is my doctor,
given that I am too weak to get to the surgery,
and the poor state of the NHS means they won't send a doctor out
even though I am too sick to even appreciate Steve McGarrett's naked tummy on Hawaii Five-0:

(see? I must be almost dead)

So that explains why I was missing yesterday.

I have a fever. 

And my wrists feel like they look like this:

Close up for you non-medical folk:

Needless to say,
it is *very hard* to type with mashed potato wrists.

But some cool things have been happening around here...
apart from winning my first ever round of Castle Chase

(I took it as a sign that I would make it,
but then Tugi advised that she let me win,
because I was so poorly...)

But here's what's worth struggling on for.

My Feedback.
From you.

After last Monday's Valentine's Schmalentine's post,
Dr Berry sent me her list of Valentine's fantasies:

(this is why we're friends -
her Beamer and my CRV could make babies in a driveway together,
- Life Lesson, dear readers -
one should always cultivate friends with
outside ablution facilities featuring gin 'n tonics.)

Mnr Middag sent me some flowers that were blooming at their home
should I need some Friday Flowers...
(which I will, considering no one has sent flowers for my flu - except you've seen these before.)

And another Berry sent a suggestion for Meat-free Monday,
which will follow next week.
If I'm strong enough to actually produce the goods and not being spoon fed by a six-year old in a white coat...

I set out what CovetCollectConnect would be:

'collect my ideas, thoughts, and a whole lot of designs, products and creations to be inspired by, long for and aspire to (covet), and connect and share all of that with  my fabulous friends and online communities'

I'm so excited that you're sharing with me.
I feel inspired to try harder.

See you tomorrow.

images:Handtherapy.US;google;Dr B;Mnr Middag;Disney


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