Thursday, 10 February 2011

Où est la piscine? splish splash, c'est Bodie and Fou!

I'm sooooo very excited!

Today I discovered Le Blog 
written by the super talented Karine Candice,
Creative Director and Co-Founder of Bodie and Fou,
the ultra-divine online concept store that you ought not to visit if you wearing something that you do not want to drool over, because you will. 

point made, huh?

If you're not sure yet, look at their toilet brush holders. 

Have you ever seen a sexier toilet brush holder?
Did you know that toilet brush holders could even be sexy?
Neither did I!

Anyway, I digress.

My point is:
Karine's blog is written in English and French. 

I've been wondering around the house destroying her beautiful French posts with my horrific schoolgirl accent,
while I pretend I'm more Francaise,
and less born-Zimbabwean, raised South African,
re-established British,
and currently thinking in a Yorkshire accent at my sister's house.

Ooh la la...

everything sounds better in French,
as the Flight of the Conchords taught us:

I think I ought to have been French,
considering my affaire amour with tout francais,

including those doors that I'm still having a love affair with:

And these:

now joined by these:

Do not even get me started on beds,
herringbone wooden floors,
metal outdoor furniture...
it goes on.

So there:
today's post is a confession 
that apparently toilet brushes can be sexy,
I'm single-handedly butchering a language with my enthusiasm,
and that I'm in a polygamous love affair with untold sets of antique French doors.

La mienne est une bonne vie.


images: Bodie and Fou; Elements of Style; pinterest


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