Monday, 14 February 2011

meat-free monday: valentine's day is not for veges!


All the good food websites are full of steak meals for V-day!

What are those of us who are trying to save the planet,
do some good, watch our hearts,
and eat less meat supposed to do?

Lucky you have me my friends.
I googled some vege options,
and this was the best looking thing I could find:

I'm sure it tastes delicious,
or at least like pasta and tinned tomatoes,
but it's pretty sad, isn't it?

There's not a lot out there if you're trying to do a
Meat-Free Monday for Valentine's Day.

Which brings me to a question...
do you think that Meat-free Monday means fish is off the menu?

Paul McCartney's SupportMFM website has a tagline of 
'Support MFM, save the planet',
so I'm betting fish is off the menu there;

and the MeatFreeMondays website is full of Goodlife Vege food including bean burgers and nut cutlets, 
which is the opposite of what we're trying to do here,
which is not swap meat for some other man-made fake food.

(Question 2: why does fake vege food have to be shaped like meat - vege sausages, vege burgers, etc?)

As a South African, I think fish doesn't count as meat
when you're talking menus,
but as a fish lover who is concerned that promoting fish 
means less fish for me,
I've decided that I am going to try not to include it in our Meat-free Mondays.

So then,
this is what I recommend for tonight.

It's a 'borrowed' menu.

I don't know how to make just about any of it.
But if you're reading this, you've heard of Google,
so you'll be fine and I've added some links.

Chef David Faro from Aventine made this for us in San Francisco,
and our meal was accompanied by bottles of Prosecco, 
much easier to drink in quantity than champers,
so get that in too:

an amuse-bouche of chopped apple and walnuts, 
or maybe pecan nuts,
(not really sure, but crunchy, and good)
served with cold butternut soup
(CCC tip: cheat- buy a good one)

Burrata, Mozzarella's millionaire cousin,
with shaved fennel, tomatoes, balsamic fig sauce and rocket,
and bruschetta.

Persimmon, beetroot and orange salad.

This was the show stopper.

I'd never eaten persimmon's before, but this was divine.

If you can't find them, make another yummy beetroot salad.

This one sounds nice, but the picture's rubbish.
(Question 3 - why do so many recipe sites have no images, or really unappetising ones?)

Now then, the V-day part.

Sit in front of the fire,
or eat outside if you're lucky enough to be in the Southern Hemisphere,

load it up like a picnic:

make plans,
laugh and talk some more.

And then follow with a gingerbread man and Guinness.

It sounds grim,
but was surprisingly delicious at the end of the meal,
and quite fun.

And tonight is a night when you ought to be having fun.

Not tinned tomatoes or bean burgers.


images: own, gingerbreadman:flickr;tomatopasta:groovyvegetarian.


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