Monday, 21 February 2011

meat-free monday: chilli cashewed meal in minutes

(picture blurred due to sticky little fingers playing with my blackberry, I promise its delicious!)

I'm still hanging out at my sisters,
(read: playing with my nieces, driving my sister nuts)
and this week its half term.

That means I have not even been allowed to shower by myself,
so you can believe me when I tell you that this is the
easiest meal on the planet.

One bag of Tilda rice in the microwave for two minutes
- I favour the lime and coconut or lime and coriander -

( try not to worry about the plastic bag in the microwave
otherwise you'll freak out, like I do),

fry up some red onion, sliced courgette, and cashews,
and you're done.

Considering I accidentally said a bad word
and landed up in the naughty corner for six minutes,
I had to have a helping of chilli flakes too.



Gillian said...

This is a really delicious dish, worth the trouble you obviously got in whilst cooking it!

Good luck for half-term!

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