Tuesday, 8 February 2011

i know what i know, if you know what i mean

During conversation with the Bendy Berry, we often laugh about the things we find that we know, 
and then the things that only one of us knows.

To that, the other says 'Really, do you know that?';
to which the only answer is an emphatic
'Yes, it is one of the things that I know'.

Those chats normally have us in fits of laughter
as we trot out the most obvious of things like:
'man cannot live by bread alone';
as we work our way through white wine and antipasti.

While we're in agreement that you have to go a long way to beat a good cup of tea, sometimes though we have to agree to disagree.
She just won't have it that tea tastes better with sugar,
even though it really does.

It's so awesome to have a friend that forces your attention to the little things that you just know, or challenges you on your assumptions, particularly when life gets in the way, which mine tends to do.

Following yesterday's post, I found myself being a whole lot
more mindful today, and what do you know?

Some of the things that I knew that I knew
that I forgot that I knew,
found their way back to being new & known again.
Shoo, say that fast.

I need a dedicated space to work, otherwise I get distracted,
and nothing gets done.

the fastest way to feeling calmer, stronger and happier,
is through yoga.
It feels like such a hack to organise without a routine in my life, but the rewards are a calmer, stronger, happier, better and nicer me. That's gotta be worth the hack.

Every single penny and every single minute spent
on my Origins regime is worth it -
having lived out of suitcases recently, I got sloppy,
but a week back into the right products
I can see amazing results already, and my skin feels happy.

To be sexy, you gotta start thinking sexy.
And even better, having fun with it will make you feel sexier.
Enough with the practical travelling seam-free Macy's specials.
When I saw this pic of Strumpet & Pink's lingerie,
I remembered what it feels like when I put some effort in.

And cheese on toast might as well be...



image credits: Amy Neunsinger; google yoga & cheese; JasperConran tea service; decor8 home office; Redonline. 


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