Sunday, 27 February 2011

covet: a collection of wearable art..and some birdies!

As promised, here are some of my favourites from this year's Design Indaba in Cape Town...

First up - of all the jewellery exhibitors I saw, this is the one I thought most fun...

Julie Patterson works in sterling silver, vermeil gold and carefully selected gemstones, and is inspired by 'everything from vintage couture to fairytales, antiques, odds and ends inspire the designs, with a touch of old-school South Africa.'

There were LOTS of Proteas by various exhibitors - love 'em,
and this is one of my uber-fav interpretations.

Julie's site says 'Adding a quirky touch to the designs reminds the wearer to not take life too seriously, to keep laughing, and to view your COLLECT piece as ‘light-hearted-art’.

I think it's happy.

I like it.

Love these earrings!

(But that's hardly surprising, given the necklace I wear daily!)

I know, I should choose something else that isn't a bird!

Here you go:

Chicks dig it.


ps. Watching the Oscar frocks now!

images: Collect Jewellery;Design Indaba


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