Wednesday, 2 February 2011

babbling about bubble london

First up - 
a big thank you for all the positive feedback about the new 'Meat-free Monday' posts, 
and secondly,
an apology for missing one yesterday -
but I was stomping around Bubble London, the Kids Trade Show.

It was almost enough to make me broody,
definitely enough to make me feel intimidated
by the creativity out there,
and more than enough to inspire me with my own little side venture...(more about that another time)

Over 190 exhibitors were assembled in Islington's Business Design Centre, showcasing childrenswear to the trade.

Having been immersed in the American market last year,
 it was interesting to see how different European taste
 is for children's wear.

To my untrained eye,
I noted a lot more 'vintage' inspired fabrics and patterns,
and definitely loads more knitwear,
while the American's favour more modern prints and cleaner lines in their shapes.

Trend Bible were there -
they are far more professional in terms of telling you what's cool for Autumn/Winter 2011 -
their labels being 
Cloud Atlas, Norwegian Wood, Correspondent and Polar Expedition.
Copyright images mean I can't show you that here, but you can find it all here, instead.

All that is pretty fancy talk
but let me tell you what I loved the most:

the photography on their site leaves much to be considered,
but they have the prettiest ever children's wear,
and it is so very well made that it literally
stopped me in my tracks.

Let me tell you, with 190 exhibitors,
and maybe only 10 that I thought were pretty average,
it was quite something to be a showstopper...

The fabric features the adventures of Poppy and her dog Fred, depicted running around the hem of each dress. 

Have you ever seen anything as cute:

A little storybook comes with every dress,
 allowing you to follow their adventures, 
and each season Poppy and Fred have a new adventure
told in the fabrics and accompanying books.

Are you

a) broody
b) intimidated by how *clever* other people are
c) totally inspired?

or d) wishing you were four years old again?

I know.
Me too.


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