Saturday, 29 January 2011

recession or retail racism?

Now, I'm no economist,
other than being a master of GroupOn deals,
Buy-one-get-one-free deals,
and a veteran of happy hour,
and I do know a thing or two about double dipping -

like, its bad in crudites,
acceptable in fondues
and an absolute in icecream sauces.

So, if you ask me,
the recession seems to be a catch-all
allowing tight fisted companies to refuse raises,
and retail stores, 
even like my very favourite, Anthropologie, take the piss.

View these:

I bought them in San Francisco in November. 

I *love* them. 

They are better looking than these retarded shoes make them look.

Let me show you the back, 
so that you can love them 1/100th of how much I *love* them:

Also, I am fatter than this silly schoolgirl,
so they are sexier on me.

When they are in the wash,
 I sit in front of the washing machine,
watching them,
missing them,
and waiting to wear them again.

(model pic-
i sit in my pyjamas when watching my skinny cargos go round and round)

So I thought I'd look in Anthropologie in London today
and get another pair,
in a different colour, 
and what do you know?

In San Francisco I paid $49 for those trousers.
That's £30.

They are on sale in London for £88.


Or Retail Racism?


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