Monday, 24 January 2011

meat-free monday: the only french onion soup worth eating

I used to think French Onion Soup was a pretty fancy name
for what ought to be called Totally Boring Soup.

And then one of the Berries made me this version,
which is my new favourite meal.
It's dead simple apparently,
something like this:

I know! Practically staples! Except for having to buy an onion!

There's a bit more to it of course:
You need to take 4 medium onions, half them from root to tip,
and roast them with 2 tablespoons of butter & some salt and pepper.

When nicely crispy outside and soft inside,
cut the onions into large segments,
boil them with a glass of white wine until the alcohol evaporates, and add 6 cups of vege stock to boil & then simmer.

You're welcome to make cheese croutons -
 but I think croutons are pretty grim,
so you're on your own if you think that's a good idea.
Much better to serve with melted gruyere on great bread.

It's fab for lunch,
particularly in the cold,
but makes an awesome dinner with a few other additions,
comme Ça

 it's a Nigel Slater Recipe if you want all the rules...
and the crumble is a pretty good Mark Hix recipe.


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