Friday, 14 January 2011

friday flowers

I am devastated to see the sun set on this time
in KwaZulu Natal...

Am I meant to be here? 

How did this happen? 

It used to be that KZN was great to visit briefly on holiday,
but suddenly there are loads of friends who have moved back here and who are living good and happy lives - 

they might earn less than those in Jozi,
but the weather is fantastic,
it's safer than other provinces,
there is so much to do - 
(which is why I've been so scarce!)

from the genteelness of the Natal Midlands,
through the lush tropicalness of the North Coast,
up to the magnificent Drakensberg,
and right next door to Mozambique...

it's a great place to raise kids with awesome schools
(mmm, this is hardly on my priority list right now) 

maybe it needs a closer look?

it's definitely a great place for growing good old-fashioned, fragrant roses.

Expect more pics of Susie's roses as I get my memory card sorted!

(my camera went for a swim in a stream.)

(it was hot)

(and I don't regret swimming for a moment,
even if it meant losing my camera!)

images: clever Dan, Mr Auchinoon


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