Thursday, 9 December 2010

hello Africa, hello Motherland

Another crazy week:

Managed San Fran - London - Oxford & Dorset - Cairo - Jozi - Durban

KwaZulu Natal is *so* green

but not in a quiet calm way like England

It is much more vibrant and exciting:

I never really know how I feel when I am here.
I've been away for so long - nearly 13 years.
Parts are familiar,
and I'm torn between wanting to come back 
and feeling like I escaped, because nothing has changed.

And then there are huge leaps forward,
that I wouldn't have maybe noticed if I'd stayed,
and obviously things change;
shopping centres go up, new restaurants open,
the beach front is regenerated,
whole neighbourhoods have facelifts;

and obviously at 30something
I'm doing different things than at age 20.

Like drinking wine at expensive wine farms
and not out of cardboard boxes


images: google; flikr;ann neunsinger


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