Saturday, 4 December 2010

friday flowers

I flew back to England this week
and am late with our Friday Flowers,
but I've been thinking really hard about what to post.

I have a collection of images stored that I can select from,
or when I've bought flowers I shoot and post those;
so while they may just seem like a happy floral image to you,
they're carefully chosen each week -
like a secret code in an unlocked journal.

It's been snowing, dark and grey.

It's also been a hard week, 
where I've been trying to make sense of things
that just don't compute, and maybe never will.

I've decided today's flower is the bluebell:
Tiny and delicate,

and only blooms for a short time;
yet the impact of a field of bluebells is never forgotten.

It's hard to remember that the snow will melt, and we'll see bluebells again, but I'm grateful that the beauty and fragility
of that short time remains accessible in our hearts and minds always.


images via google and flickr


Gillian said...

A perfect choice x

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