Wednesday, 17 November 2010

ten things I can't live without

Given that I've had over a thousand visits in the last couple months,
and I don't know who you are*,
 I've decided to engage a commonly used editorial technique 
so we can become better acquainted.
In the back of most magazines or weekend papers, you'll come come across articles where people have to list their ten favourite things they couldn't live without.
I thought of doing this first when I was living in London and writing the tumblr... I figured it would be easy and an interesting exercise. 
Turns out it was quite hard to edit down to *only* ten things that I absolutely couldn't do without, so I never finished it.

Funnily enough, living out of a suitcase and 
not living a 'normal' life has changed that somewhat.
Before I was stuck on such perplexing decisions - 
(if I chose Starbucks, there may not be room for Prosecco on my list);
would I choose shoe shopping
(always find something beautiful that fits)
over my underwear obsession?
(Elle Macpherson Intimates - now you don't mind getting run over by a bus and people seeing your knick-knicks)
I'm a clever bird, but still, I realise I was caught in London's trap of 
more, more, more...

But this time my list just came so very quickly. 
So, big breath...
this is me.
At least, right now.

(Disclaimer 1: It's lucky I've never had a personal hairdresser or driver,because then it would have had to have been a list of twelve.)

1. Jewellery
Whenever I travel, I buy a special piece of jewellery, normally rings or earrings.
Current obsession - cocktail rings!
Fortunately the same budget that precluded a personal driver 

and hairdresser means I can't buy one every day, because I would, you know.
Luckier still, I don't have twenty fingers.
Because I'd load 'em all up. I would.

2. Music
Rdio, Spotify, iTunes, the radio, intimate gigs in small bars, weekend-long festivals in the rain.
Sign me up - I'm in. 
The soundtrack to my live would be an eclectic mix - by which I mean 'bizarre'- 
and it would have to be quite loud given that I can’t sing, but I do try. 
The cat doesn't mind though.
I haven't been brave enough to let anyone else listen.
Not since Mrs Solomon made us sing one-by-one in music class in 1985
and I wanted to die.

3. Fresh flowers
Bunches beat bouquets, and I swear a five minute chat with a flower seller is a guaranteed mood booster. There are no ugly flowers - it's hard to go wrong. 
Except geberas - dullage.

I love that friends have started referring to all florals as 'Friday flowers!

4. White wine
There has never been a problem I haven’t been able to figure out between good friends and white wine. 
Or anything else that actually can make my singing better.
5. The beach
I often wonder if it’s because I’m a fire sign that I’m so drawn to the water.
I’m maybe the only freak who drives 90 minutes in the rain to a wet English beach to feel on top of the world.
West Wittering = Heaven on Earth... Or at least on Mud Isle.

6. My girlfriends
Is there anybody else on this whole planet who could have a better bunch than me? I am so grateful for them, and only wish that the world was smaller given our international lifestyles.
I'm soooo blessed.

7. Objets de moi

William Morris said ‘have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.’

I’d add, ‘Have nothing that doesn’t tell your story’ -
the iron platter, only bought at IKEA but for a summer party 

that was legendary,
my grandmother’s beaded handbags hanging on the wall,
an ashtray made by a 9year old the summer I was a nanny;
odd pieces that remind me where I was and what I was doing,
or how I was feeling when I made space for them
are fast becoming my own folklore.
I'd rather spend every day looking at the Indian poster bought for £1.99
as decoration for a birthday party that marked the start of a new life 
than an original Picasso.

7. The internet
Up-to-the minute news, online banking and information at your fingertips.
Who am I kidding?
Facebook, blogs, design, decor, inspiration, photos, my on-line communities.

Apparently one of my strengths is ideation - 
(I didn’t know it was a word either )-
but it's all about creating and processing ideas -

no wonder I think internet access ought to be written into constitutional law 
as a fundamental human right, for sure.
Could I start an online petition for that? 

9. Pretty notebooks
In today’s handbag -
an Orla Kiely notebook with things I had to sort out in London (it’s ongoing),
a Moleskine notebook for my current work (love Moleskine),
a Smythson (ooooh, Smythssssson) inspiration notebook for just that,
a £2 notebook from Tiger for San Fran notes,
another Smythson expense book (so many currencies…),
a recycled jotter for brainstorming my next move…
I might need a twelve step programme…

10. My nieces...
known on this blog by their nicknames of Tugi and Pookles…
my sister’s best work and the apples of my eye.
I can’t imagine anyone else has ever been loved as much -
other than Tallulah, my half-human, half-tonkinese cat.

Disclaimer: This list is obviously in no particular order.
Tallulah, Tugi + Pookles are not way below white wine…

*Say hello via email or comments, let me know who you are!*
If you had the time, share your list with me too  we'll revisit in a year or so and see how things have moved on.
Like if I am living in a house wallpapered with old notebooks...


Gillian said...

Funny, I thought you had just saved the best for last! :-D
Amazingly enough - our little Tugi must be taking after her aunty, as Santa will be bringing her her very own set of pretty notebooks as, at age 5.5, she has decided she needs a private diary that grown-ups can't read, a doodle-diary for her drawings, and a journal she can write stuff in that the grown-ups can see!!

Let's just hope she doesn't mind if hers are more WHSmith than Smythson!

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