Friday, 12 November 2010

friday flowers

OMG. Here's a reason to move to Australia.
Kellie from Ada and Darcy shared her hydrangeas
which are just out of this world following Sydney's rains.

It's enough to make me begin to look into finding a house down under.

I pick this one:

it looks like this inside:

...needs some lovin'...

which Kellie could help out with too!

Her boutique sells ceramic stools...

love 'em:

They're only AUS265.

I have no idea how much that really is, but sure it's worth it.

Ada and Darcy also sells cushions that would make it easy to create a sofa like Anna's:

And there are ginger jars for sale:

perfect for the hydrangeas:

Deffo's going to pick up some up tomorrow morning...

have a happy weekend,


MB said...

If you come to Aus, we can go looking for houses like that!!! Miss u, and can;t wait to see you. xoxo

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