Sunday, 7 November 2010

redbrick terraces vs. painted ladies

There are loads of bloggers out there who are in awe of England's charms.
They seem to think its all cream scones, fish and chips,
castles and antiquing in cute little villages.

After 12 years in Her Majesty's Kingdom, also known as Mud Isle, I'm qualified to say that even 500 year old villages aren't so great under grey skies:

For sure, there's a beauty and sense of history that makes certain places architecturally interesting,even inspiring, but the day-to-day reality of life in London couldn't really be described as eye-candy:

So here's part of what I've been loving about San Francisco...

the architectural variety, the colours, the bright skies
(I know I've been lucky with the fog:

and all the little details:

Weird how purple doors, painted steps and kerbside lavender
can make the world a happier place, huh?


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