Sunday, 28 November 2010

covet: my new home, universe - willing...

Have you ever watched the Secret?

Or read the book?


The basic premise is that what you put out 
into the universe is what you get.

One's positive thoughts are powerful magnets that attract wealth, health, happiness...etc.

One's negative thoughts...well, don't go there.
Or you may wind up with that affliction you wished upon the person that cut you off in traffic.

The marketing is pretty dire.

But effective.

So I'm just going to test drive it.

And put it out there...






My friends and I would be so HAPPY around this dining table.

We'd be grown-ups and have champers here 
while counting our blessings to live in such

We'd cosy up and play Agricola here:

We'd have long evenings of wine
and conversations involving putting the world to rights:

I don't even normally like four-posters,
but I would sleep like a princess in here:

...more likely I'd just lie around and pinch myself
as to how lucky I was to live in such 

I mean, you know you've got it all when you've got
floor-length curtains and a chandelier
in your bathroom...

Best of all, there is plenty of space!

I know you wouldn't mind bunking up in a house like this:

If you want the 'in the meantime, before it was mine' story,
see this month's Elle Decor.

Otherwise, just wait for the universe to sort me out
and come and play whenever you like.


images: Miguel Flores-Vianna for Elle Decor

gratuitous bonus shot 
of sheer



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