Friday, 15 October 2010

this ain't complicated: a lesson for men

A friend just found out that the guy she is dating neglected to mention that he's married.

When asked outright, he reverted to Facebook terminology, saying 'it's complicated', which it jolly well might be. 

When are relationships not? 

Sometimes things get complicated, accidentally or not, and then they're a mess to clean up; with hurt, and tears, and broken hearts, and guilt, and admin...but if that happens, you gotta man up and you have to deal with it. I can say all this because, at 30something, I've had the misfortune (and bad judgement) of being in each of those positions, and they all suck.

However, this isn't a big diatribe about him, or men, or relationships, but a lesson.

A life lesson. 

Same same Dr. Phil might deliver.

Or even Oprah herself.

One moment while I climb up on my soapbox:


Here you go.

The lesson for the day, which I'm gonna tell y'all for free:

Men are not clever enough to lie.
They will get caught.
By either woman.
Or both.


(which actually is what it might be, by then.)



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