Sunday, 31 October 2010

a scary Halloween tale

This is not your average Halloween story.
It's not about ghosts, or ghouls, witches or wickedness.

Well, maybe wickedness.

It's scary 'cos it's all true:

Yup, some magazine ads from not so long ago...

The shoe polish ad fitted the Halloween theme,
but the real scary story is in the text and attitudes of the ads below:

'if he discovers you're still taking chances on getting flat, stale coffee...
woe be unto you!'

Seriously, I'm not making this up:
Though she was a tiger lady, our hero didn’t have to fire a shot to floor her. After one look at his Mr. Leggs slacks, she was ready to have him walk all over her. That noble styling sure soothes the savage heart! If you’d like your own doll-to-doll carpeting, hunt up a pair of these he-man Mr. Leggs slacks


scary stuff....
your husband will leave you...

As if there were space for two douches in your relationship!

There's no respite once douching is sorted...

regardless of whether its the 50's, 60's, 70's or 80's...

Sure. You live with him and take care of him and hang up his clothes. But just because you do the things a wife's supposed to do, don't forget you're still a woman.
One of the nicest things you can do for a man is take care of your skin. Why don't you do something soft and young and special for him?

The real problem , as you very well know, is how to keep the most girl part of you - the vaginal area -fresh and free of any worry-making odors...Why take chances? [Pristeen is] just as essential to your cleanliness. And to your peace of mind about being a girl. An attractive, nice-to-be-with girl.

A 'nice to be with girl'? Whatever.

The crux of the Halloween tale...

if you're a woman with admirers, and therefore disease ridden...
(how did he think you got that VD?


...a good girl who can't drive a postage machine

you deserve what's coming.

Scary shit indeed.

Happy Halloween


Gillian said...

OMG, that is truly scary!! And reading the small print,it's not only the subservient attitude that's scary ... vinegar, salt, soda or "harmful poisons"...

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