Monday, 25 October 2010

manifestos: a new covet.collect.connect message

it is weather for ducks

and I'm bored.

*bored*  *bored*  *bored*

but then I found this on the NYT archives:

and I thought that since I'm in America, I ought to do my bit,
and maybe I might invent a weather-changing machine.

But that was too hard, and I remembered I have already invented this blog;

so I will build on that,
and invent a topic called Manifestos and call this number 1.

Although I suppose really, the Audrey Hepburn quote on the tumblr was really number 1. So we'll call that The Founding Manifesto:

Weirdly enough, I feel happier.


Gillian said...

I feel happier too, after reading that. The grey, rainy day suddenly makes me want to go puddle-jumping instead of moping like I have been doing!

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