Wednesday, 27 October 2010

birthday blessings

It's my friend Krusty's birthday.
She's.... um.... 32, I suppose.
She has to be if she is going to continue to be younger than me.

We met at a Spelling Bee Championship.
On opposing sides. I don't know who did better.
I didn't win because I left out the 'n' in government.
But I haven't ever done it again in the intervening 22 years.

A year later we found ourselves in the same class in high school.
And this year I find myself her brideslave and missing her madly while travelling. 

So, Krust, Happy Birthday -
here are some carefully curated, much coveted, gifts for you:

1. Smythson iPad case in Damson,
because Smythson is the best thing about living in England

and if she has to live there, she deserves the best

2. Wola Nani papier mache Sheshwe round bowl,
from a crafting collective of HIV+ women in South Africa,
which provides them with a sustainable income

3. African Rhino hot sauce,
because Krusty likes her food on fire

4. Anthropologie Stockholm Floral Apron,
which I think looks African, not Swedish,
and is perfect for making her famous roast dinners.

5. Marco Bicego smoky quartz ring today on Gilt,
because it's beautiful.

6. An authentic Le Creuset roasting dish,
so I can come for dinner.

7. A bespoke Zebra hide ottoman from Origins Design,
for bringing some African warmth to cold Oxfordshire nights.

8. 1950's Luigi Mandruzzato vase from Midcentury Mania,
for being an avid follower of Friday flowers. Even on a Saturday.

and finally...

for when she realises none of this is actually in the post...

miss you madly, girlfriend! 
/carly xoxo


Anonymous said...

I love you!!!! Thank you for my birthday post! Your blog is the best thing to read on a Sunday morning when the other half is reading the news. Your news is way better and this Sunday is the best. I love it that you make me laugh from so far away! I am going to have a good day. Miss you girl, so much xxxx

Ps we need to skype today!

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