Friday, 8 October 2010

housewarming gift - uh...giveaway!

So it seems that moving to a new home for the blog has benefits for YOU as well as for me! CSNstores has offered lil’ ol’ me the opportunity to hand over to YOU a voucher for one of their online stores – they specialise in online furniture including wardrobes, sofas, desks, chairs, and anything else you may need in your home. 

I've just seen this bedstead: 
 it would have fitted in perfectly for the proposal I did for Tugi's bedroom for her 5th birthday bedroom makeover:

and then just noticed that it had the exact same duvet set that we landed up choosing anyway! 

I’m so excited to have a giveaway for you – I feel like the glitzy lady from Wheel of Fortune, which I’m too young to have ever watched!

If you’d like to receive the £15 voucher that you can use on any of the CSNstores websites, leave your comment below or email me - I’m off to Vegas on Sunday for a few days, so will line up all your names on a roulette wheel to choose a name randomly on Tuesday evening, UK time.

images in Tugi's roomboard: Dunelm Inn, Ikea, Mariska Meijers, Pennypeople, Vertbaudet


Tanya said...

I'm hoping they'll send their beautiful things cross-continent? *sigh* But anywhere that sells things you'd choose is worth looking at anyway. when will you come and redecorate for me?

Gillian said...

Oh wow, how awesome is that bed - can't believe it's the same duvet! Congratulations on "hitting it big", it's very exciting

Carlyj2 said...

blogger had loads of errors with comments - just my luck! Thanks for all the emails.

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