Friday, 22 October 2010

friday flowers

I found this photo I had taken through a shop window on Piccadilly in London, of some really, really expensive vases.

Read: really, really, expensive *UGLY* vases.

Seriously, if you had all the money in the world, you still wouldn't need to buy these,would you? As in, if you'd bought everything else in the whole world already and these were the only things left to buy, *and* you had a compulsive shopping addiction. I know I'd spend the money on therapy for the compulsive shopping addiction rather than buy these things.

Sorry, can't remember the shop name. I think it's a Post Traumatic Stress from Ugliness thing, I've amnesia'd it.

Deep breath - gratuitous close up shot coming up:

But then I saw this Jonathan Adler vase, which isn't dissimilar,
and love it - it's totally fun.
So here are your Friday flowers:

And a lesson in something, just not sure what.

It might that if you are going to buy a lady's head vase,
you shouldn't spend more than $42.
It might be that flowers just make everything look better.
Or it might be that I have a crush on Jonathan Adler.


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