Friday, 8 October 2010

friday flowers

This week's Friday Flower is one I walked past on my way up Telegraph Hill this week in San Francisco. It reminded me of the passion fruit vine we had growing in our happy home in South West London - it was planted by our landlord or a previous tenant, and was the teeniest, tiniest, puniest straggler of a plant you could imagine.

I knew what it was though as we had one in the back garden when we were kids in South Africa, so we moved it to a sunnier spot and tried to give it some love. 

Sure enough, it thrived, taking over half the back fence, and jumped up to entangle itself in the neighbour's pine tree that overlooked our tiny plot, forming a very pretty backdrop to numerous alfresco dinners, garden parties and sunbathing on a rug in the dirt - the pine tree killed the grass you see. 

The flower doesn't last off the vine, so I couldn't find a bouquet or posy picture, so here's my Granny Iris' Granadilla Tart recipe instead. 

It was my favourite pudding, enough to make me guard the granadillas at home, checking on them after school to make sure they hadn't disappeared - spending enough time with the plant to enable me to recognise that leaf years later in London -even if was now a passionfruit and not a granadilla - and feel a little nostalgic, if not even homesick, in San Francisco. 

Granny Iris' Granadilla Tart

1 packet tennis biscuits 

1 tin Ideal milk 
1 packet lemon jelly powder
125 ml castor sugar 
1 tin granadilla pulp

  • Beat a tin of Ideal Milk using some electric beater thingy until its reached 3x the volume, then refrigerate overnight.
  • Crush the tennis biscuits and mix with some melted butter, then use to line a  pyrex dish or more beautiful serving dish (around a large dinner plate size with sides) and pop into the fridge to set.
  • Make up the jelly according to package instructions.
  • Beat sugar and Ideal milk together, then add the jelly, and finally the tin of granadilla pulp. 
  • Mix well and pour into pyrex dish over the crushed biscuit base. 
  • If you haven’t eaten all the leftover tennis biscuits you could crumble some over the top, but I have never seen that done ever so I can’t recommend it.
  • Refrigerate until set.

International translation:
  • Tennis biscuits - Apparently in Australia, Arnotts Nice biscuits can be used instead of tennis biscuits. In the UK , Grahams crackers and two tsp of desiccated coconut is suggested. And my superior Google skills tell me most Asian supermarkets stock coconut butter biscuits, so that covers most of the world. I’d recommend finding a local South African store though and going for the Original Tennis Biscuits if you can - they are good in loads of recipes, and delicious on their own.
  • Ideal Milk = Nestle's evaporated milk
  • Lemon Jelly = jello. Powdered jelly beats solid gelatine jelly every time.
  • Castor sugar – nature’s energy. No relation to High Fructose Corn Syrup and definitely no relation to Splenda or anything as fake as that. Remember the rules, kids! Apparently called berry sugar in Canada and super fine sugar in the States.
  • Granadilla is another word for passion fruit, and considering this is my granny's recipe, granadilla is better for alliteration. You can buy tins in all South African stores, and most Asian stores too, but the fresh pulp is as good, if it is sweet - otherwise buy twice as much and taste half and sugar the rest. 
Let me know how it goes! 



Kellie Collis said...

Lovely flower and yummy tart! Have a gorgeous week ahead! Kellie xx

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