Wednesday, 6 October 2010

eating happily in Sonoma

It's Wednesday, I'm only just posting this now because I've spent all week wandering around in a delightful daydream following Saturday's expedition to Sonoma County. 

It's crazy to think that just over a week ago I was a dirty, dusty hiker in the canyons, and this weekend I was traipsing around wine farms. 

After a morning's tastings, including at Belziger's Biodymanic vineyards above - see the clever planting of vines and supporting olive trees between them? - we headed to lunch at the Girl & the Fig in Sonoma. 

I had already decided weeks ago that I wanted to include in this blog a franchise on 'How to Eat'...kinda sounds silly, I know, but I forget every so often, and I LOVE food (capital letters, bold, coloured and in italics - do you understand?). 

Sometimes I get a bit confused with eating more, rather than eating well, and happily. Eating happily, which isn't quite the same as happily eating, but even better.  

So here you go - it couldn't have been more simple, or any more delicious:

grassfed steak tartare and capers, 
with lavender seasalt

romaine lettuce with parmesan

There's a cookbook, which looked really easy only it could have done with more colourful pics, only what with living out of a suitcase and travelling, it's had to go on my wishlist rather than on my list of assets that I own, but one day...

I am a total sucker for presentation, so thought the cows on the cheese in the fromagerie super cute:

and loved the mismatched wine glasses for their flights of wine - although maybe that was just the excitement of the wine! 

Expect to see these clever and simple ideas re-used chez moi, when there is a chez moi to see! 


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