Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Bikini babe

So, when I woke up to this:

and my suitcase comprises this:

Didn't seem like I had any other option than to google some flights to sunnier climates...

...although I don't have a swimming costume that fits
(thanks High Fructose Corn Syrup and Starbucks).

And am unlikely to get one if I continue to call it that, here. 

Bathing costume. Bathing suit. Bathing trunks. Bathers. 
Swimwear. Swimsuit. Swimmers. 
Beachwear. Cozzie.

Bikini, baby! 

The green from yesterday's obsession is obviously still a factor! 

I couldn't decide between them all, but its hard to imagine wearing any of these when the the models are not old enough to be allowed on the beach by themselves. 

So I cut their heads off.

...which made it much easier.

Now they look like me. ish. Just a bit bonier.

So I bought them all.

You would too, looking like that!


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You need a "like" button :-D

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