Monday, 13 September 2010


Whenever I travel, I buy a little piece of jewellery - easy enough to carry as souvenirs go, a happy reminder of trips abroad, and a great conversation starter at parties.  
So when it came time to leave London, I wanted something British. I had decided ages ago that I want to wear a Right Hand Ring every day - supposedly they signify happiness and independence - I know they are really just a marketing ploy for women who can afford their own rings, but that’s irrelevant. End result is a pretty ring on my finger.  
After months of looking for a new cocktail ring that was the perfect colour and shape and having to discard millions en route (no exaggeration - this was hard work considering my strangely sausage-shaped fingers), I thought I might buy one of these beautiful Amalfi rings from Dinny Hall's collection. They're inspired by the screen sirens of the 60s:

But I wasn't super crazy about the colours- I wanted something stronger.  

Anyway, with time running out in England and a Selfridges voucher burning a hole in my pocket, I decided to go for it.

Until I actually went into Selfridges.

It’s one of life’s mysteries how a shop can have 43 assistants trying to spray you with random perfumes as you go through one hall, and then in another hall, it’s impossible to catch anyone’s eye. I stood around for so long that I figured at least security might come and ask me what my business was, but eventually a sales assistant deemed to speak to me - and promptly made me feel rather like Cinderella in her rags. I know that at around £300 these are not the most expensive rings in store, but they’re not for nothing!

Needless to say, cheeks burning at my own audacity to ask to try both colours on various fingers, I left without buying one, figuring if I saw the snooty sales clerk reflected in it every time I looked at it, I’d rather not have it.

So, imagine how excited I was when I lucked out today in San Francisco:

At only $68 for 14k gold and a cubic zirconia, it was a steal!

And the American sales assistant at Nordstrom couldn't have been more helpful - she offered to do more than match the Macys  Bloomingdales' tourist discount at 11%, and wished me and my new ring hours of happy cocktail sipping with sexy men, including telling me where to find them!

I love it.
It makes me happy.
And it reminds me how being friendly can totally change an experience.


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