Wednesday, 1 September 2010

big breath - and off we go!

A year after starting my tumblr,  I've migrated to a new design, new format and even a new name - including URL. I never thought it would get this far, and am quite excited about whatever comes next!

My thoughts around my blogging remain pretty similar as they were initially - that this is a way to share on-line discoveries; the medley of mixed-up, muddled-up thoughts and collection of (hopefully) inspiring ideas and things that catch my eye; and sometimes it's just a big old brain dump to see if there is any connection out there with anyone else hopefully thinking the same thing.

So why the change to this new blog?

Well, when I started the tumblr, it was a way to connect with a tight knit number of close friends - you can read the start of my blogging here.

I wasn't sure about exposing myself too much online, but as months have gone by, I've noticed that the people that I've introduced to my tumblr are quite different to each other - whether in location, age, nationality, outlook, even sex (I always thought it was quite chick!) -  and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, so I am feeling braver about going more viral and being more accessible. 

So then - how did I come to

Well, I knew I wanted a name when I moved on from tumblr, and decided to find some words to try to capture the ideas and inspiration behind the various elements that I'll focus on...and through a process of trying loads of different words and combinations, decided that covet.collect.connect best covered my vision: 

So my aim is to collect my ideas, thoughts, and a whole lot of designs, products and creations to be inspired by, long for and aspire to (covet), and connect and share all of that with  my fabulous friends and online communities - so welcome! 


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